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Ginny was amazing, inciteful, patient, open and knowledgeable. Ginny walked the line perfectly between indulging a sharing atmosphere and keeping us on track to get the most from the session. Really good training and the manuals/lanyard were professional and a nice touch.

Standard Chartered Bank, February, 2023

Danske Bank

It was one of the most instructive, enjoyable and enlightening courses I have ever attended, the time simply evaporated. Virginia was very professional, informative, and knowledgeable and her delivery is excellent. Simply said, a first class instructor.


Jill Inglis, 2021

Standard Chartered Bank

In my honest opinion I wasn't sure what to expect with the course being mental health and thought it would possibly be tough to stay invested, however Ginny was excellent in all aspects. Ginny made the course fun with including humour throughout the course and kept us active with different tasks and challenges. I also felt a bit of relief during and after the course due to the atmosphere that Ginny created within the room and made it feel like a safe place to talk about my own struggles and difficult times. I seen the course as beneficial to my own mental health as much as I did learning about mental health. Thank you!
Jess, 2022

The course was very informative.The course trainer Ginny was excellent in delivering the course and brought about a depth of understanding I did not have before.

Hydrosave, April, 2022

The mental health first aid course was eye opening. Learning how best to approach and deal with mental health was extremely valuable and seeing how much work and discussions are taking place very reassuring.

ScreenSkills, 2020

Ginny was fantastic and made us all feel at ease. Got so much out of the course and feel far more confident in supporting others in their mental health needs. Thank you!

Private delegate, 2020


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